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International Law; Environmental Law; Complex Litigation

  • Areas of practice:

    • International Environmental Law

    • Environmental Treaty Formation and Implementation

    • Energy Law

    • Minimum Energy Performance Standards, Regulations and Laws

    • CERCLA Law (concerning federally-designated sites contaminated with hazardous substances)

  • Complex Litigation. Experienced in complex multi-party litigation cases in federal courts, motion practice, depositions, hearings, oral argument, mediation and settlement negotiations

  • Representation:

    • Multinational Commercial Clients

    • Fortune 500 and 100 companies 


Policy Design; Strategy; Advising

  • Areas of expertise: 

    • The Paris Agreement

    • The Montreal Protocol and Kigali Amendment

    • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

    • Cooling Efficiency and Energy Efficiency

    • Energy Policy (including Renewable Energy)

    • Policy Prioritization - Identifying key short- and long-term sectoral priorities for governments

    • Power Sector Transformation

    • Health, Medicine, and Climate Impacts 

    • Short-lived climate pollutants (particularly HFC's)

    • Low-Global Warming Potential Chemicals

    • Policy Impact Analysis

  • Representation: 

    • Advise, collaborate and educate governmental, civic, and private sector leaders on climate, energy and environmental issues.

    • Provide high-level policy strategy and advice, including in the venues of the international treaty governing institutions.

  • Geographic expertise: 

    • Middle East (Egypt, Saudi Arabia)

    • South Asia (Pakistan, India)

    • IndoPacific Region (Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia)

  • 2022 policy project highlight: Designing a financial tool to quantify the dollar-per-GHG impact of investing in energy and climate projects


Project Management and Implementation 

  • Management

    • After 18+ years of project management, we know how to work in tough places, and how to align policymakers, technical experts, and funders to achieve an outcome that serves a larger goal, such as fulfilling treaty obligations.

  • Diversity

    • We create strong local teams with linguistic and cultural skills to ensure success.

  • Project Viability and Financing

    • We work with our clients to make projects viable. We do hands-on business development and fundraising, including preparation of successful grants and bids, to ensure project funding. We take pride in leveraging our network of funders and supporters.

  • 2019 project highlight 

    • Co-leading fast-start implementation of the Kigali Amendment and Paris Agreement in developing countries, focused on combining the phasedown of HFCs with energy efficiency, for example, by implementing minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) on appliances in the largest GHG-emitting developing countries. 

  • 2020 project highlight

    • ​Coordination of high-level climate finance programs and policies

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