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Shaffie Law and Policy

Global and National Environmental Solutions 


We provide strategy and solutions for environmental policy and law matters. Our work contributed directly to the global adoption, and now the fast-start implementation, of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol and the Paris Agreement.

We decide which projects and cases to accept based on two factors: (1)Impact, and (2)Alignment with Our Values. Examples of impact metrics we have used include: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, geographic impact, energy savings, project scale, and dollar-per GHG impact. 

Sound policy and project design is rooted in the real world. Therefore, we design solutions informed by our experience implementing and managing environmental projects on the ground, working with the private sector, as well as governments, local partners, NGO partners, and international institutions such as the United Nations Environment Program, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, and SE4All.



Washington, DC



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