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All Girls Considered features Ambereen Shaffie

In Season 4 Episode 20, All Girls Considered interviewed Ambereen Shaffie on her role as an international attorney, and one of the few female entrepreneurs of her background.

All Girls Considered creates opportunities for girls in grades 5-12 to engage with and to amplify diverse stories of inspiring women through their podcast, blog and projects. AGC's membership includes over 100 middle and high-school aged girls in Central Texas, Northwest Arkansas and Kansas City.

In her interview Ms. Shaffie describes her background as the daughter of immigrants, both of whom were entrepreneurs themselves and provided a foundational example for their daughter. She explains the connection between the Sustainable Development Goals, women's economic empowerment, gender equality, and environmental goals. The interviewers, high-school girls at Crossroads Prep High School, learned about climate change and the why women are central to addressing climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. They also discussed how often Ms. Shaffie is the only female with

her background, and the only Pakistani-American, in her daily work.

Working with All Girls Considered is an extension of Ms. Shaffie's lifelong mentorship of young women and dedication to gender justice. The podcast interview is available here.

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